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Accelerated results with the 3RX Model©

The topic of this article is the 3RX Model© to accelerate results of a service-based business. If you are a coach, trainer or consultant (like most of my clients) and you offer services, the following teaching can be very helpful to you. I choose this topic because a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize that increasing…

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6 steps to effortless marketing.

Have you noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs make marketing look so simple? And do you wonder what you’re doing wrong? Because even when you’ve tried to copy everything that you see people doing, by far you didn’t get the same – or worse – any result? Well here’s why: The cookie-cutter approach to marketing…

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6 types of FB posts that always work

Posting to get people engaged with you and your business is less about just increasing your visibility and more about doing what works. In this article I discuss first why visibility marketing strategies are not necessarily the most effective when it comes to getting clients. And then I show you 6 types of posts that…

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Get More Clients With the Lunch Bait Strategy.

The Lunch Bait Strategy is an effective conversion-hack to get more clients. It might sound a little sneaky, like you’re trying to trick-lure your prospective client into something. But that’s not the case at all. The strategy moves your prospects further down the Know-Like-Trust process.  In this article I will teach you: What a Lunch…

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5 ways to increase your email open rates.

In this article we discuss 5 reasons why your email open rates might be low or are decreasing, and how you can fix it, test it and hopefully see an improvement so you can inspire more people to take action. I remember it vividly: My very first email I sent out to my newly created…

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Is your marketing plan leading you to success?

Do you have a marketing plan that is leading to your success? Or should I ask: Do you have a plan AT ALL that helps you producing the results in your business? If you’re not sure or the answer is a big NO, read on. In this article I’ll walk you through a cool mini…

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The BEST sales process for your business in 5 steps.

{Summary below} In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how to determine the best sales process for your business. A lot of women entrepreneurs don’t have a sales process in place and they just allow things to run the way they run. And because of that they might leave money on the table and are…

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Here’s How to Create GREAT Lead Magnets.

Are you collecting email adresses of your website visitors? Stick to these 5 principles for creating great lead magnets and get dramatically BETTER leads! A marketing process running The first thing I check out when I start working with a new client is whether they have a FREE OFFER on their website. It tells me…

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Marketing paralysis: 4 steps to end it NOW.

Marketing paralysis. It shows up unexpectedly. And especially in times like these, where EVERYTHING is confusing. One day you wake up and you find yourself overwhelmed by all those exciting ideas you’ve got buzzing in your head, all the plans of things-that-might-work and the related endless to-do’s. Where to start? What to do first? What…

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